Central America Health Sciences University

The Central America Health Sciences University offers degree programs that focus on health care administration. The main campus is in San Salvador, which is in the northern part of the country. This university has branches in Los Angeles and San Diego. There are also satellite campuses in Belize and Panama City as well as numerous accredited post-graduate residency programs. The University maintains academic programs that can be completed in less than five years. Students can specialize in a number of fields such as pediatrics, family practice, public health, medical coding and billing, and nursing.

The school has an outpatient clinic that is fully-equipped to handle any medical situation. There is a Children’s Hospital, which serves about 2.5 million children in the region. There is a Pediatric Cardiology Center, where students can register for programs like pediatric cardiology and obtain hands-on experience for their degree. There is the Intensive Care Unit, the Intensive Care ward, the Intensive Care unit with infusion therapy and dialysis.

A physical education and exercise center are on campus. There are also fitness centers that can be used by students who would like to improve their physical performance or lose weight. There is a swimming center that offers lessons for all ages. There are also dance studios and music centers. This university has a counseling and psychiatric services.

Students can complete a Master of Science program if they want to become Registered Nurses (RNs) at the Center. This program consists of core courses and graduate sub-categories, which are based on theory and clinical practice. The institute also offers a nursing training laboratory where students can apply for certified nursing licensure. Students who complete the program have the option of getting their first job as nursing assistants or LPNs.

The Central America Health Sciences University has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Services. Human services is one of the fastest growing job categories in the US. In the last five years alone, this has grown by over 32%. This includes health care management, patient relations, risk management, and demographic analysis. The program also provides students with a comprehensive overview of the administration of social services programs and development.

A Master of Science Degree in Health Services covers the areas of prevention, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of patients with chronic illnesses. It includes the application of preventative strategies, assessment, treatment planning and service delivery. The program helps students develop skills and develop leadership skills in health care settings. It also develops the capacity of staff to effectively deal with diverse populations. It also trains students to work in administrative and managerial positions in a variety of settings.

The Central America Health Sciences University has an extension program for the Master of Science Degree in Nursing. This program helps students acquire the skills, knowledge and tools required to become an RN. It provides an environment to hone professional skills and to gain experience and build upon them. The course involves learning about human anatomy, basic nursing skills, patient education and care, ethics and law, laboratory techniques, pharmacology, nutrition, physical therapy, pathology and sociology. These programs are designed to give you a thorough understanding of the administrative side of medicine and to prepare you for future careers related to health care. The programs also involve specialized study in the areas of adult and pediatric nursing.

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